Hydrogen Boiler Installation
Hydrogen Boiler Installation

Hydrogen Boiler Installation

The next boiler that you choose may very well run on hydrogen.

Many experts believe that replacing the millions of natural gas boilers with hydrogen gas could be the simplest solution to the UK’s heating problems. The only by-product of burning hydrogen gas is water, which means that it’s a carbon-free fuel source. 

Major brands such as Worcester Bosch and Vaillant are backing a major push towards hydrogen and believe that it could be a key way of decarbonising heating and hot water in UK homes. Switching to hydrogen means that the existing gas network can also be used, so homeowners won’t experience any major infrastructure disruption.

Millions of existing heating systems in our homes can be saved if we opt to use hydrogen fuel rather than the entire heating system needing to be replaced.

Z2 are determined to be at the forefront of the transition to carbon-free heating and hot water. 

Are hydrogen boilers ready to be installed the UK?

You can’t purchase a hydrogen boiler in the UK yet, but the government plans to phase out natural gas boiler installation in new properties from 2025.

The government is currently discussing the feasibility of hydrogen boilers, so it’s not clear when hydrogen boilers will become the UK’s main source of heating just yet.

However, if it does go ahead, it will roll out in stages, with the first phase involving ‘hydrogen blend boilers’. The government is expected to make a decision in 2026, but heat pumps could be another environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional boilers if the hydrogen boiler roll-out goes ahead.

‘Hydrogen-blend’ boilers vs ‘hydrogen-ready’ boilers

‘Hydrogen blend ready’ boilers are already widely available across the UK. The initial phase of hydrogen boilers would see an introduction of a 20% hydrogen blend into the UK’s main supply and the majority of modern boilers would already be able to run on a hydrogen blend with little disruption.

Many of these boilers are are advertised as ‘hydrogen ready’ for if the switch was to happen soon.

‘Hydrogen-ready’ boilers are still in development and would only be introduced if the infrastructure for them to run on 100% pure hydrogen gas became a reality. However, there will be further research, trials and guidance from the government before the UK is 100% hydrogen ready.

The benefits of hydrogen ready boilers

Easy to install

If hydrogen heating goes ahead, it is expected to be a simple solution to the UK’s current inefficient heating issues. The hydrogen-blend set-up is expected to integrate into a current boiler with little disruption.

Similar running costs

The UK’s leading boiler manufacturers are currently developing a hydrogen-ready prototype and have promised that hydrogen-ready boilers won’t cost any more than a regular gas-powered boiler.

Reduced carbon emissions

The key benefit of switching to hydrogen boilers is their potential to significantly reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

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Rather than opting for a new gas boiler, it might be time to switch to hydrogen-blend-ready and make way for a new, exciting and environmentally-friendly option.

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