Case Studies

Ripon Office Works

Plumbing Installation

After seeing the plans we knew the finished project was going to look fantastic. Our involvement was to supply the office with a heating system and a hot & cold water system that would complement the contemporary office design. Some of our copper piping and fittings would be exposed and used as a feature to enhance the overall look of the office.

The tank and boiler were hidden away in a separate room, but we made a first-rate job of the installation. Everything was fitted with our usual professionalism and worked perfectly.

Results and Feedback

As you can see from the photographs the finish on this project is superb. The client was extremely happy with how everything came together. From our point of view, its great to see our work on the outside of the wall for a change. They needed a company that could fit copper and show it looking it’s very best – I think you’ll agree ‘we delivered’